About us

“The story behind Cuori Esca”

The brand was founded in 2019 by two brothers from the east of the Netherlands.

Cuori Esca, Ace of hearts, stems from a love for Italian life, taking a gamble and an interest in high-quality clothing and entrepreneurship.

The originally Italian word “casino” played a major role in the creation of the brand. Both brothers have a predilection for the beautiful Italian and the atmospheric language and lifestyle and love to take a gamble. The “quattro carte da gioco” are therefore the result of this background and reflects a game of poker played in an Italian casino.

In addition, the brothers were born with entrepreneurial blood and they always had the idea of ​​starting their own company, where their passion for high-quality clothing is shared with others.

The casino feeling emerges in the symbol of the 4 four aces, with Cuori Esca as the view.